ISCAG School is the praying and learning community of students, educators and formators jointly pursuing their highest goal in the spirit of religion, reason and compassion.

Its main goals are to develop intellectually equipped, highly competitive, socially responsible and God-fearing individuals and to produce graduates guided by Islamic teachings and values who will be able to contribute meaningfully to the general harmony, prosperity and betterment of the community and overall society.


To commit itself to excellence in education, the optimum human development of its members for the service and concern for others, for integrity and love of God

To guide students to achieve the highest standard of moral behavior and ethical attitudes to help build a strong and healthy community

To provide affordable education to Muslims and non-Muslims alike

To provide the students with an Islamic environment free from undesirable social influences 

To provide a balanced curriculum with Arabic and Islamic lessons for preparatory, elementary and secondary education

To equip itself with the best faculty and instructional materials in line with the advancement in teaching within the means of the institution

To involve parents, staff and community members to provide support and guidance for students as they take personal responsibility for acquiring the knowledge they will need to succeed in this life and in the Hereafter