History of ISCAG

In response to the needs and demands of Muslim children to have a quality but affordable education, ISCAG School opened a preparatory school in SY 1999-2000 with Government Permit No.K020. It was given recognition by the Government as one of the Pre-schools in the Division of Cavite  in SY 2000-2001.

  1. SY 2000-2001, Grade School Levels for Grades I and II, were opened with Government Permit No E-167
  2. SY 2001-2002, Grade School Levels III and IV were opened with Government Permit no.E-058. 
  3. SY 2002-2003, permit for full elementary level was granted through Government Permit No. E-07. 

As it continuously strive to update its facilities in conformity with DepEds’ standards, Government Permit (R-IVA) No.13, s 2005 was granted to operate   1st and 2nd curriculum years in High School. Since its inception the school has been consistently growing in student population, faculty and staff. 

ISCAG has shown a remarkable progress within a considerably short period with regard to Islamic information dissemination, education, provisions for residential facilities and a place for worship not only in Dasmariñas City, Cavite but also in other places nationwide. Yet, these achievements would not have been possible without the Grace of Allah, the true God who deserves to be worshipped alone.

The founders of ISCAG were instrumental in accomplishing the various tasks and responsibilities whose only resources were their scarifies, God-given talents and trustworthiness. It is then hoped that ISCAG with its main objective of sharing Islamic information a legacy that can serve as a source of inspiration to the next generation, In shaa Allah.